In-Country Training

Train-the-Trainer (TtT) and Competency Assessor (CA) for Rail Program tailored to client’s desired output

Railway Trackwork Technician 

On-the-Job Training

The OJT/Apprenticeship program is designed in line with AMRTech's vision to become a catalyst in the development of a commuter - friendly railway, equipped with empowered and competent railway operations and maintenance staff - trained and certified according to international standards.  The goal is to create opportunities for both commuters and operations personnel to experience a better quality of life, be it in terms of better mobility, or access to employment

Training Workshops

Overview of Railway Management Operations & Maintenance Training and Certification

  • Interesting facts or history of Railway in the Philippines

  • Explain the importance of railway in the global market

  • Appreciate different leading railway in Asia

  • Know the participation of Filipino workers in railway middle east

Health and Safety Day

  • Introduction to Health and Safety at work

Operations and Maintenance 

  • Railway Maintenance Overview

  • Internal Customer Service




Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our Industry Partners


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