AMR-Tech is founded in 2017, it aims to be the leading consultancy and railway training provider in the Philippines, in Asia and around the globe.

Taking pride as a pioneer in the railway technician training industry in the Philippines, AMR-Tech is committed to implement a fundamental training program that elevates the quality of skills and standards of public transport workers according to international best practices and to meet the demand for competent Public Transport Industry workers both locally and globally.


AMR-Tech's mission is to be a catalyst for improving efficiency, safety, and productivity in the railway industry through the provision of technical and management consulting services benchmarked on international best practices in association with our global industry partners


AMR-Tech's vision to be the Center of Excellence in Building Expertise towards a World Class Railway System


We Value Education

We are passionate in bringing innovation and best practices among nations.


We are committed in bridging the gap between best education and marginalized communities.


We are determined to deliver excellent level of training and development to prepare the learners for the actual workplace.

We Build Access to Employment

We tailored more affordable specific training for a specialized skill.


We partnered with organizations to help meet the needs of the industry workforce.


We provide expert advice to align the strategy and objectives with the business operations.

We Highly Regard Empowerment

We trust our people to demonstrate their capacity to handle responsibilities.


We encourage our people to grow in experience and we share them skills, knowledge and strategies to be successful.


We value open communication and knowledge transfer to benefit the whole organization.

Initial Vocational Education

Educating newly recruited talents (apprentices)


Railway specific education programs and issuing (initial) vocational education degrees

Continuous Further Education

According to rail standards and particular company requirements


Pre-conditioned for issuing certificates and admissions

Special Training

Complimentary training

General business know how and soft skills

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